is a delicious mix between multiplayer game and the famous Snake Snake game. Eating and dominating or defeating … Don’t be afraid to enter the experience!
Choose a nickname to get started (for example, from!) And click the Change Skin button on the left to change the look of your snake, start the game with the Play button. The goal of becoming the biggest snake of the game by swallowing bright balls and other players could not be simpler! Just be careful, if you collide with another snake, it will explode and all other snakes will rush to swallow you … the game will disappear for you. So avoid big enemy snakes or use a strategy to rule them! Use the mouse to play (the snake follows the cursor) and click to accelerate in response to some parts of your snake. In the multiplayer game, you are a snake, ready to do anything to become the biggest! In the form of, you will try to rule by consuming the other players one by one. Move the snake with the mouse and accelerate it with a single click.

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