Bleach Vs. Naruto 2.6 is back with two new characters on each team, Naruto and Bleach! The hour of the fight has resumed and you will have to KO your opponents. Choose your fighter and face a multitude of enemies. You probably know Bleach and Naruto. Here they are in this game, Bleach Vs Naruto 2.6. They will face each other in epic battles where they will use all their skills and their desire to do battle. Be careful, you risk heating up your keyboard in this fighting game of epic proportions. You might like being able to play it alone against the computer or two on the same keyboard, which is even funnier.
Game controls:
Player 1: A / D – Move. S – Defense. J – Select Attack / Play option. K – Jump. L – Race. U – Distant Attack I – Attack. O – Ask for support.
Player 2 (numbers on the numeric keypad!): Arrow Keys – Move. Select Down – Defense, 1 – Game. 2 – Jump. 3 – Race. 4 – Far attack. 5 – Attack. 6 – seek support.

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