To drive a character, find a refreshing game around the edges with Happy Wheels and move to the farthest possible or the farthest possible when you reach the farthest possible point.
First, select one of the game options from “Play Demo” (Happy Green Hills, Gut Bus Extreme, BMX_Park II, Obstacle Course, …) or other offers, or choose your character and equipment. Special wheels that talk to you the most. Go ahead, it’s time to start carefully in the race to overcome all obstacles and reach the end of each level, with the arrow keys on the keyboard up arrow to move up, as well as the spacebar to perform Shift and Ctrl in action, or to combine the Z key to remove the gear as needed for. You can deal with glorious and sometimes bloody accidents on the road …. Watch out for a careful spirit! In addition, you will be able to customize the rolling machines to be more fun and perform a lot of movement with the working chronograph …
Descendants of stupid games, find Happy Wheels to have fun everywhere by applying the same name on your mobile devices. Take amazing risks in Happy Wheelset and perform with one of the characters of the most bizarre tricks and selected themes of this interesting game.

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