Welcome to the Minecraft Voxiom io unblocked game! This is the most premium and multiplayer first-person battle royale shooter where 100 players will fight in real time. Voxiom.io is completely free to play. Anyone can play, here you will find yourself in all types of cards. Your first appearance will be in the warm-up round, it takes about a minute when the minimum number of players gathered, then you go to the island. You will fight to survive on the island. Chests containing weapons, ammo and medicine will be scattered around the island in a random order and you can also collect materials and blocks to build your shelter yourself. Your task is to find these items, if possible, to fight your opponents on equal terms. During the game, the toxic fog will gradually surround the island, as in battle royale mode, displaying as a narrowing circle on the map, forcing players to find and destroy each other. Each card is randomly generated. You can use the mini map in the upper left corner or hold down the tab to view the whole map and plan your strategy for each game. Players start at 100 health points, but shield potions can be used to increase their armor to 100 points. There are also healing items such as medicine pills and first aid kits to improve player health. Consumables can be found in chests or crates anywhere on the map. There are many types of blocks such as mud, sand, natural stone bricks, cactus and water at the core of the Minecraft game. The blocks have different hardness levels. Players can use higher tier shovels to break blocks faster. Bullets can also damage blocks if they hit them. There is also block physics in the game, floating blocks will be destroyed automatically. Voxiom.io minecraft has two construction modes: single block and wall. Players can place blocks one by one or in groups of up to 9 blocks, creating a wall right in front of it. Place blocks strategically on the battlefield to gain an advantage over others.

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