Today we want to introduce you to the unblocked game. Made a little recording, you will be in a very interesting puzzle game. Play a few players with you. We see a white paper on the screen. With the help of the drawing pane, you will be able to draw on a sheet of various objects or landscapes. Your competitors should guess what you draw for the topic. If this happens, it will guess the point and pass it by. Now you and the others have to guess who pulled your opponent. You will see a conversation on the right. You write the name of your shooting opponent. is both a multiplayer drawing and guessing game. One of the players will draw something and the others will guess what it is. As with many io games, the goal is to score as many points as possible. At each step, the player to draw changes. He will not be able to score later. However, another player will draw in the next round. Can you guess what was drawn and be the best on

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