unblocked game, you will have to move a lot once and explore the vast world with many creatures roaming like you. They need to be afraid because large creatures can easily eat you. And of course, you have to cope with their increase in size by eating balls and mushrooms of their color. Pay attention to the water surface where your movement speed is greatly reduced. Additionally, on the surface there are failures when you risk losing some of the points. Hold it as long as possible and reach a large size, which will allow you to rank first among other real players on the achievements chart. In, you will once again encounter online players from all over the world trying to get first place on the podium by swallowing as much food and improving as possible. This is a new classic in the category of online multiplayer games! Start by choosing the mouse or shrimp you want to play with. Use your mouse to move and click (Space key) to speed up. When you come to the playground, you can eat light green colored items. Likewise, you can visualize the danger other players represent through their colors: you can attack those surrounded by light green while the reds swallow you completely. During the game you will earn experience points (XP) that allow you to improve your pet and increase its performance (W key to use abilities). You will also be able to eat more items, these will be shown to you as you progress on Use your mouse to move and speed up, and the W key to use your pet’s abilities. Eat maximum items to gain XP and improve.

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