Merc Zone unblocked (Merc Zone io) game is a great dynamic online first-person shooter with 3D graphics. A feature of Merc Zone unblocked game is a unique idea with drawn cards and characters in suits and ties! The main task is to commit murders, turn them into a series of murders and collect rewards from around the world in dynamic battles in the online arena. All players enter ultra-modern war zones by choosing from various classes such as Brock (attack), Kocheze (stealth), Mad Ed (shooter), Bingo (sniper), Ogre (heavy). Each class has special speed, survival, and agility. Also, each class has its own special weapon such as an assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, or minigun. Merc Zone unblocked game also has several different cards that are exchanged by voting after each battle. New maps and classes are added to the game weekly, with many features in the roadmap. Customize your player profile, choose your mercenary class and hit the “Play” button to start playing. Follow enemies and shoot accurately to kill more and earn more points. Will you climb the leaderboard and become the coolest shooter? Let’s test our strength!

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