Like the series of Bike Mania games in Sports Games category, Max Dirt Bike game, perfect motorcycle trial game, offers you to test your precision and speed! You have 20 levels to walk through your trial bike without hitting your face, and you will see that it is said to be easier to achieve! Use the four arrow keys to move and press the Spacebar to move to the next level or restart the current level. Objective: Complete 20 levels in less than 5 minutes. Beware, this game can be very stressful especially for amateur drivers! The object of the game is that Max Dirt Bike may seem childishly simple but that is not the case at all! The pros of balance games will test your ability to stay in the saddle under any circumstances. To play, use the arrow keys to control and balance your bike. The spacebar allows you to restart a level or move to the next level. Highlight this motorcycle trial game?

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