Io games are expanding. And you have to play the newest unblocked because it is a great 3d shooter game with minecraft-like graphics. Join the game and fight against people from all over the world. You have two weapons that you changed. The game has several randomly generated cards at the end of the round. Each one is unique and sophisticated. Your task is to kill as many enemies as possible and survive as long as possible. Get the most points and win the round. is a fun game that you will enjoy if you like to challenge. Enjoy.
Purpose: C
Next Weapon: Q
Previous Weapon: E
Chat: Enter
Voice: V
You can use WASD to move around the game to get from one place to another.
If you want to shoot another player in a short period of time, you have to left click to shoot.
When your weapon is empty and you want to reload, R is the key you can use to reload your weapon.
SPACEBAR is used to jump over objects to move from them.
You can press SHIFT key to crouch
F is the effective key that can help you spray.

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