Freddy’s Fazbear Pizza {Fnaf 6}, children’s puppet shows, animatronics, a favorite pizzeria for the day. But you don’t work all day! Really quiet, at first glance, a little job posting, did hear this as a night porter in the restaurant. Soon you will discover that these “cute” soft toys move at night and your goal will survive 5 nights from midnight to 6 in the morning without one swallowing you. To do this, you will have a few surveillance cameras and you will have to close the doors to prevent them from reaching your office. But beware, the energy is low and the use of camera, door and light consumes too much electricity to spend the night. Freddy’s at Five Nights is a limited gameplay, but a standalone horror / horror game developed by Scott Cawthon, but with great success on PCs and mobile phones. Warner Bros. He’s even won the right to make a movie from the game lately!

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