Super Smash Flash 4 is a game that brings together 28 famous characters like Songoku, Naruto, Sonic, Pikachu, One Piece and lots of other characters. In addition, the game also has a very rich and attractive game mode, you can compete with the machine, the multiplayer mode on the same computer or join the online arena to play. Very attractive and interesting, right? Quickly join the Super Smash Flash 4 game and start testing right away. Your task in the game is to choose an cartoon character that you like to start joining the fight. Control the character to defeat all of his opponents and win every battle.
Player 1:
Use the “AWSD” movie key to move.
Press “U” to capture opponent, press “I” KEY to defend.
Press “O” to attack, “P” to attack normally.
Press “1” KEY to taunt opponents.
Player 2:
Use the arrow-film arrow key to move.
Press “5” KEY to capture opponents, “1” KEY to defend.
Press “2” KEY to launch shot, “3” KEY to attack normally.
Press “4” KEY to taunt opponents.

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