unblocked is a free multiplayer online battleground based on a simple classic game: jump on other players to beat them! Your only goal is to grow by collecting stars and jumping over other players’ heads. Let’s say no heavenly stars about those who lead gray, monotonous lives and don’t reveal their special abilities. We recommend that you do not remain a gray mouse, but take everything out of life. in our game. You will have the opportunity to collect as many stars as skills and abilities allow. The field must be a tough competition, if you want to be at the top of the TOP, you must act decisively and aggressively. Name the character and send him on a star hunt. Choose the appropriate tactics for all points and there may be only two. You can collect stars or join fights to jump at the enemy and crush them.
Arrows: Move
Spacebar – Speed ​​jump with one space
Mouse – Move with the mouse
lkm – LMB jump acceleration

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