If you are a devoted fan of the most popular modern games Brawl Stars and Between Aces, you will definitely enjoy the fun of the game Betrayal.io, the combination of these games. The action takes place in real time and your competitors will be users from all over the world.
Developers never stop enjoying new games. This time replenishment in multiplayer games is in Betrayal.io! Meet the wild mix of Brawl Stars and the legendary Between Aces! Brawl Stars heroes will now look for a traitor in their company. Join players from all over the world who are already playing or create your own position and invite your friends to play with you. If you play the role of a traitor, you have to use distraction and attack other players. If you are undoubtedly a peaceful character, you have to perform the tasks carefully and try to survive the difficult situation you find yourself in. We wish you a pleasant time in the entertaining companies of the same detective story lovers like you!

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